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Maryland Tipped Minimum Wage 2015

MD Tipped Wage

The Maryland minimum wage for tipped employees is $3.63 per hour, higher then the federal minimum wage for tipped employees of $2.13 per hour. The Maryland tipped wage applies to employees like waitresses, waiters, bartenders, valets, and other service employees who earn more then $30 in tips a month.

Including tips and cash wages, all tipped employees must still earn at least the Maryland Minimum Wage of $8.00 per hour. If a Maryland employee does not earn at least $8.00 including tips in any given hour of work, their employer must make up the difference in cash.

Maryland Tipped Wage Example:

Amy works in Maryland as a waitress, and earns over $30 in tips a month. This hour, Amy earned $3.50 in tips. Her employer must pay her a cash wage of at least $4.50, to bring her total earnings for the hour up to the Maryland minimum wage of $8.00. Annette, who also works as a waitress, earned $10.50 in tips this hour. Because she is already earning at least the minimum wage, her employer can pay her the Maryland tipped minimum wage of $3.63 for this hour.

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Maryland Tip Credit - Waitresses, Waiters, and Bartenders

Maryland employers who hire tipped workers like restaurants, bars, and cafes may deduct a tip credit of up to $4.37 from the minimum cash wage paid to their tipped employees, and can pay as little as $3.63 per hour for hours where the tipped employee has earned at least $4.37 in tips.

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