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The Employees Must Wash Hands is a California health notice poster provided for businesses by the California Department Of Industrial Relations. This is an optional notification, so while it is recommended that businesses hang this poster if relevant to their employees, it is not required by the Department Of Industrial Relations.

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Employees   must   wash   their   hands and   portions   
of   their   arms   exposed   directly   to   food   	
Hand Washing Steps:
3)Scrub backs  of hands, wrists,
between fingers and under fingernails 
Wet hands with warm water 2)Lather hands with soap for
at  least  20 seconds	
6)Turn off faucet with
paper towel 	4)Rinse hands with warm water 5)Dry hands with single use paper
towels or by use of a forced air
hand drying device 
Remember   to   wash   your   hands…   
Before :  Starting   work   
After:    Using   the   restroom   
Sneezing  or   coughing   
Switching   between   raw    Smoking  
and   ready   to   eat food    Touchi ng  body,   face   or hair 
Eating   or drinking   
Mopping  the   floor   
T aki ng  out the   garbage 
Handling  soiled   equipment   
Handling   animals   
or utensils  
Any   other   activities that   contaminate   the   hands   	
                    California Department 
of Public Health - Food  and Drug Branch (

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