Free Downloadable Minimum Wage Posters Free Printable Federal & State Labor Law Posters makes it easy to download or print mandatory minimum wage posters, and other labor law posters, that are required by the Department of Labor and all 50 states.

It's required that all businesses with employees display both Federal and state mandatory posters in a visible place, to ensure that all employees are aware of the minimum wage and other labor regulations. Failure to display mandatory posters can result in fines or other penalties.

See the list of minimum wage posters below, or click any state on the map for a full list of required labor law posters.

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List of Mandatory State & Federal Minimum Wage Posters

Most states, as well as the Federal government, require that a minimum wage poster containing details about the prevailing minimum wage be displayed prominantly in the workplace. This table lists all of the required minimum wage posters available to be downloaded or printed out. Keep in mind that many states require additional posters besides the minimum wage poster to be displayed as well.

State Name Minimum Wage Poster
Alaska Summary of Alaska Wage & Hour Act
Arizona Arizona Minimum Wage Act
Arkansas Notice to Employer and Employee
Colorado Minimum Wage Order Poster
Connecticut Connecticut Wage & Workplace Administrative Regulations
Federal Agricultural Employees FLSA Rights
Federal FLSA Federal Minimum Wage Poster
Federal State & Local Government FLSA Rights
Florida Minimum Wage Poster
Hawaii Wage and Hour Law
Idaho Required Posters
Indiana Indiana Minimum Wage Poster
Iowa Your Rights Under Iowa's Minimum Wage
Maine Minimum Wage Poster
Maryland Maryland Minimum Wage and Overtime Law
Massachusetts Massachusetts Wage & Hour Laws
Michigan Workforce Opportunity Wage Act Minimum Wage & Overtime Poster
Missouri Missouri Minimum Wage Law (LS-52)
Montana Montana Minimum Wage Poster
Nebraska Nebraska Minimum Wage (2023)
Nevada State of Nevada Minimum Wage Bulletin
New Hampshire New Hampshire Minimum Wage Law
New Jersey New Jersey State Wage and Hour Law Abstract 2023
New Mexico New Mexico Minimum Wage Summary
New York Minimum Wage Poster
North Carolina N.C. Labor Laws Poster
North Dakota North Dakota Minimum Wage and Work Conditions Summary Poster
Ohio Ohio Minimum Wage Poster 2023
Oklahoma State Minimum Wage
Oregon Minimum Wage Law with Regards to Agricultural Employees
Pennsylvania Form No. LLC-1 - Minimum Wage Law Poster and Fact Sheet
Rhode Island Minimum Wage
Vermont Minimum Wage in the State of Vermont
West Virginia WV Minimum Wage and Maximum Hours Law
Wisconsin Workers With Disabilities Paid At Special Minimum Wage
Wyoming All-In-One Wyoming Labor Law Poster
California Minimum Wage Poster
Delaware Labor Law Information Poster
Kentucky Wage and Hour
Minnesota Minimum Wage Rates
Minnesota Mandatory State Labor Law Poster Pack
Nebraska 3-In-One Labor Poster (OUTDATED)
Oregon State Minimum Wage Poster
Illinois Your Rights Under Illinois Employment Laws (English)
District Of Columbia District of Columbia Minimum Wage Poster
Wisconsin Minimum Wage Rates (English)
South Dakota Minimum Wage Poster
Washington Minimum Wage Announcement Poster
Federal Federal Contractor Minimum Wage (Executive Order 14026)

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