Minimum and Maximum Minimum Wages States with the Highest & Lowest Minimum Wages in 2020

While the nationwide Federal minimum wage rate is $7.25 per hour, many state and municipal governments have introduced higher minimum wages that apply to workers within their jurisdiction. This page lists the states, cities, and counties with the highest minimum wage rates in the United States, as well as those that adopt the lowest permitted minimum wage rate (the Federal minimum wage).

Highest Minimum Wage Rates Highest Minimum Wage Rates

Highest State Minimum Wage Rates

The below listed states have the highest statewide minimum wages in the United States. While these used to be the highest minimum wages in the country, several municipalities have recently enacted local minimum wages of more than even the highest state minimum wage rates.

State Name Minimum Wage Rate
California $13.00 per hour
Washington $13.50 per hour
District of Columbia $14.00 per hour

Highest Local Minimum Wage Rates

In recent years, more and more cities and counties have established their own minimum wage rates, which take precedence over both the Federal and state minimum wages. Through local legislation, some cities have established themselves as the jurisdictions with the highest minimum wage in the United States. The following is a list of some of the municipalities with the highest local minimum wage rates.

State Name Locality Name Minimum Wage Rate
Washington Sea Tac $16.34 per hour
California Emeryville $16.30 per hour
California Mountain View $16.05 per hour
California Sunnyvale $16.05 per hour
Washington Seattle $15.75 per hour
California San Francisco $15.59 per hour
California Berkeley $15.59 per hour
California San Francisco $15.59 per hour
California Los Altos $15.40 per hour
California Palo Alto $15.40 per hour
California Redwood City $15.38 per hour
California El Cerrito $15.37 per hour
California Cupertino $15.35 per hour
California Menlo Park $15.00 per hour
California San Jose $15.00 per hour
California south San Francisco $15.00 per hour
California Milpitas $15.00 per hour
California Santa Clara $15.00 per hour
New York New York City $15.00 per hour
California Belmont $15.00 per hour
California Long Beach $14.97 per hour
California Oakland $14.14 per hour
District of Columbia Washington DC $14.00 per hour
California San Leandro $14.00 per hour
California Daily City $13.75 per hour
California San Mateo $13.50 per hour
Washington Tacoma $13.50 per hour
California Alameda $13.50 per hour
California Freemont $13.50 per hour
California Richmond $13.50 per hour
California Santa Monica $13.25 per hour
California Pasadena $13.25 per hour
California Los Angeles -unincorporated county $13.25 per hour
California Malibu $13.25 per hour
California Los Angeles $13.25 per hour
California San Diego $13.00 per hour
Illinois Chicago $13.00 per hour
New York Long Island & Westchester Counties $13.00 per hour
Maryland Montgomery County $13.00 per hour

Lowest Minimum Wage Rates Lowest Minimum Wage Rates

The lowest minimum wage a state can have is the Federal minimum wage, which is currently $7.25 per hour. The following 23 states either adopt the Federal minimum wage, or have no state minimum wage law:

State Name Minimum Wage Rate
Alabama $7.25 per hour
Georgia $7.25 per hour
Idaho $7.25 per hour
Indiana $7.25 per hour
Iowa $7.25 per hour
Kansas $7.25 per hour
Kentucky $7.25 per hour
Louisiana $7.25 per hour
Mississippi $7.25 per hour
New Hampshire $7.25 per hour
North Carolina $7.25 per hour
North Dakota $7.25 per hour
Oklahoma $7.25 per hour
Pennsylvania $7.25 per hour
South Carolina $7.25 per hour
Tennessee $7.25 per hour
Texas $7.25 per hour
Utah $7.25 per hour
Virginia $7.25 per hour
Wisconsin $7.25 per hour
Wyoming $7.25 per hour
Puerto Rico $6.55 per hour
Federal $7.25 per hour

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