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The Minimum Wage Poster is a California minimum wage law poster provided for businesses by the California Department Of Industrial Relations. This is a required poster for all California employers, and any business that fails to post this notification may be subject to penalties or fines.

This mandatory poster is a brief summary of California's Minimum Wage per hour in 2008, 2014, and 2016. It also includes applicability, meals and lodging rates, and separability codes.

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California Minimum  Wage   MW-2023 	
FF ECTIV E DATE 	E mploy ers with 25 or Fewer  Emp loyees	* 	Emp loyers with 2 6 or More  E mploye es	 * 
 1 , 2 022
 January 1, 2021
January 1, 2020
Employees treated as employed
 	by a single qualified taxpayer pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code section 23626 are treated as employees of that single taxpayer. To  
employers and r	
epresentatives of persons working in industries and occupations in the State o f California: 
AKE NOTICE that on April 4, 2 016, the Governor of California signed  legislation passed by the California Leg islature, 	
 raising the minimum wage for all industries. (SB 3, 
Stats of 2016, amending section 1182.1 2.	 of the California Labor Code.) Pursuant to its autho rity under Labor Code section 1182.13, the Department of Industrial Relations 
amends a	
nd repu blishes Sectio ns 2, 3, and 5 of the General Minimum Wage Order, MW-2022. Section 1, Applicability, and Section 4, Separability, have not been changed . 
Consistent with	
 this enactment, amendments  are made  to the mini	 mum wage, and  the meals and lodging credits sections of all of the IWC's industry and occupation orders.  
This summary	
 be made available to employees in accordance with the IWC's wage orders.  Copies of the full text of the amended wage orders may be ob tained by 
downloading o	

nline at  or by contacting your local Division of Labor Standards Enforcement o ffice. 1.
The provisions of this 	
Order shall not apply to outsid	e salespersons and individu	als wh	o are the parent, spouse, or children of the emp	loyer previously contained in	 this Order 
and the IWC's industry and 	 occupation orders.	  Exceptions and  modifications  provided  by  statute  or  in  Section 1,  Applicability,  an	d  in  other 	sections of the IWC's indu	stry 
and occupation orders may be  used where such provisio	ns are enforceable and applicable to the employer.
employer shall  pay to each emplo	yee wages not less than those stated abov	e, on each effective date, per ho	ur for all hours  work	ed. 
When  credit for meals  or lodging is  used to meet  part of the  employer's  minimum wage obligation,	
 the  amounts  so cred	ited  pursuant  to a volu	ntary	 written  agreement  may not be 
more than the following:	
EFFECTIVE:	 	JANUARY 1, 20	20 	JANUARY 1, 202	1 	JANUARY 1, 202	2 	JANUARY 1, 202	3 	
For an 	employer who employs:	 	26 or More Employees  	25 or Fewer Employees 	26 or More Employees 	25 or Fewer Employees 	26 or More Employees 	25 or Fewer Employees 	All Employers regardless of number of Employees  	LODGING	 	
Room occupied alone 	$61.13	 	/week	 	$56.43 /week	 	$65.83	 	/week	 	$61.13	 	/week	 	$70.53	 	/week	 	$65.83	 	/week	  $72.88
Room shared 	$50.46 /week	 	$46.58	 	/week	 	$54.34	 	/week	 	$50.46	 	/week	 	$58.22	 	/week	 	$54.34	 	/week	  $60.16
 	/week	 	Apartment 	– two thirds (2/3) of the 	ordinary rental value, and in no event more than:	 	
$734.21	 	/month	 	$677.75	 	/month	 	$790.67	 	/month	 	$734.21	 	/month	 	$847.12	 	/month	 	$790.67	 	/month	  $875.33
Where a couple are both employed by the employer, two thirds (2/3) of the ordinary rental value, and in no event more than:	 	
$1086.07	 	/month	 	$1002.56	 	/month	 	$1169.59	 	/month	 	$1086.07	 	/month	 	$1253.10	 	/month	 	$1169.59	 	/month	  $1294.83
Breakfast 	$4.70	 	$4.34	 	$5.06	 	$4.70	 	$5.42	 	$5.06	  $5.60
 	Lunch	 	$6.47	 	$5.97	 	$6.97	 	$6.47	 	$7.47	 	$6.97	  $7.72
 	Dinner	 	$8.68	 	$8.01	 	$9.35	 	$8.68	 	$10.02	 	$9.35	  $10.35
ls or lodgi ng may not be c redited a g	
ainst t he mi nimum w age withou t a voluntary wr itten a greement	  between the employer a nd the e mployee . When cred it fo r 	 meals or 
l odging i s used to m eet part of the emp loyer 's min imum w age obli gation, the a mou	 nts so cred ited m ay not be m ore than t he amoun ts stated i n the t able a bove . 

If  t h	
e app lication  of any p rovision of th is Or	
 der, or  any section, subsection, subdivi sion, sente nce,  clause,  phrase, word or port ion of t	 his O rde r should be he ld inval	 id, 
unconst itut iona l, unauth	
or ized,  or pro	
hibi ted by statute, t h	 e re m aini ng p rovisions thereof  shall  not be affec	 ted thereby, but shall  co ntinue  to be given fu ll  fo rce  and effe ct as  if 
t h e pa rt so held  invalid  or unconstit utio nal had not  been in cluded herein.  

This Order amends the 
minimum wage and meals and lodging credits in MW-2023, as well as in the IWC’s industry and occupation orders. (See Orders 1-15, Secs. 4 and 10; 
and Order 16, Secs. 4 and 9.) This Order makes no o	

ther changes to the IWC’s industry and occupation orders. 
These Amendments to the Wage Orders shall be in effect as of January  1, 2023. 	
Que stion s abou t enforcemen t sho uld  be  dir ected to th e Labor  Commiss ione r's Office . For  the address a nd tel eph one n umbe r of the office nea res t yo u, i nfo rmat ion can be fo und 
on th e in tern et a t	 o r  under  a search  for “ Cali forni a Labor Comm issi oner's O ffice” o n th e int ernet  or any ot her directory.  The La bor Commissioner 
h as offices i n th e f ollow ing cities : Ba kers field,  El Ce ntro, Fresno,  Long Beach , L	 os An geles,  Oak la n d , R edding, Sacram ento, Sa lin as, San  Berna rd in o, San Die go, San Francisco, 
S an  Jose, Santa A na, Santa Barbar a, Santa Rosa,  Stockton, and Va	n Nuys.   Minimum Wage – Every employer shall pay to each employee wages not less than the following:
 Effective Date: January 1, 2023   Minimum Wage 
$15.50 per hour

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