Denver Minimum Wage Laws Denver, Colorado Local Minimum Wage for 2023, 2024

While Colorado's state minimum wage is $14.42 per hour, Denver has set its own, higher minimum wage rate that applies to employees of all companies who work within Denver. A minimum wage increase is currently scheduled in Denver, but until the effective date of the state minimum wage rate of $14.42 will apply.

Current Minimum Wage
$18.29 / hour
Effective 1/1/2024
Future Increase
Comparison to State Wage
+$3.87 / hour

Because Denver has a higher minimum wage rate than the one set by Colorado or the Federal government, the higher local minimum wage rate takes precedence and must be paid to all employees covered by the local minimum wage regulation.

Keep in mind that Colorado and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act both define various minimum wage exemptions and other labor laws that may apply to employees in Denver. You can find more information about Colorado's minimum wage and labor laws on this site.

Denver Minimum Wage Rates 2024 Other Local Minimum Wage Rates in Colorado

In addition to Denver, there are other localities in Colorado that have passed municipal minimum wage legislation. The following is a table of other Colorado localities with established minimum wage laws.

Locality Applies To Minimum Wage Comparison to State
Bolder All employees $15.69 +$1.27

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