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The Timely Payment of Wages is a Louisiana general labor law poster poster provided for businesses by the Louisiana Office Of Human Resources. This is a required poster for all Louisiana employers, and any business that fails to post this notification may be subject to penalties or fines.

This mandatory notice is a quick reminder to employees that their employers are required to inform them of your wage rate and when it is paid.

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An Equal Opportunity Employer Program. Auxiliary aids and services are a\
vailable upon request to individuals with disabilities. 1-800-259-5154 (TDD)
www.laworks .net	
This notice must be posted in a 
conspicuous place, setting forth 
information to effectuate this 
R.S. 23:633(D)
	Revised January 2016
Your employer has a duty to inform you at the time of your hire what your wage rate will be, 
how often you will be paid and how you will be paid, and of any subsequent changes thereto. 
If your employer should, for reasons within his control, fail to pay you according to that 
agreement, you must  fi rst lodge a complaint with him. 
If no action is taken to resolve your complaint, you may report the violation to the Louisiana 
Workforce Commission.	Timely Payment of WagesTimely Payment of Wages

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