Nevada Printable Free Food Service Posters Nevada Effective Pest Control Poster

The Effective Pest Control is a Nevada food service poster provided for businesses by the Nevada Department Of Business and Industry. This is an optional notification, so while it is recommended that businesses hang this poster if relevant to their employees, it is not required by the Department Of Business and Industry.

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Know the Signs...  
•Presence  of egg capsules  or  cases  
• Droppings  in  cabinets,  cracks,  crevices,  and 
around  outlets  
• Cockroach  bodies or body fragments  	 	
•Dead  or  live multigenerational  cockroaches on sticky boards  
• Nocturnal  activity. Daytime  activity may  indicate  a large  population 
of  cockroaches.  	
Rats can fit  through  openings as  small as ½ inch.  
Mice  can  fit  through  openings as  small as ¼ inch.  	
•Ensure  all food  contact surfaces  are  cleaned and  sanitized.  
• Clean  hard -to -reach  areas  where  filth can build up, such as under  and between  equipment,
in  catch  pans, and around  drains  
• Remove  old cardboard,  a popular  nesting area  for cockroaches.  
• Eliminate  sources  of  moisture  such as leaky plumbing and standing  water.  
• Caulk  and  seal  cracks,  especially  at floor  and  wall  junctions,  around  wiring, drain pipes,
vents,  and  flues. 	
• Keep  doors  closed. For  doors  that  must  remain  open,  install air  curtains.  
• Ensure  weather  stripping  on doors  is maintained,  and no visible light  is seen on 
door  frame.  
• Seal all gaps  around  doors  and  windows.  
• Repair  all openings leading outside.	
Eliminate sources  of 	food,	 	
water,	 and	 shelter	 	
Eliminate	 entry	 points	 into	 the	 facility	 
•Receive regular pest treatments  from a Certified  Pest Operator.  
• Records  must  include:
• Name of applicator  /pest  control  company   •Name of  chemical(s)  used and purpose  of  application  
• Date  of  application   •Method  used  to protect  food,  equipment,  and people
• How to  clean the  facility a fter  applying pesticide  	
• • 	
• •  Larg
e number o f live flies indoors 
Live and dead fly bo dies or body fragments on 
sticky boards or trappe d in lights 
Fly feces or mucous specks on walls or ceilings  	
•Urine  stains  and droppings  along the wall,  wall  
studs  or beams, in boxes,  bags, or furniture  
• Smear  (rub)  marks  left  by the oil and dirt  from
rodents  along the wall  
• Track  marks  in  dust.  Rats  drag  their  tails, leaving  a mark 
between  their  feet tracks.  
• Holes in food  packaging  
• Gnawing  on  wood  and other materials  
• Signs  of  nesting  or  burrowing  material,  usually  loosely woven  
fibrous  materials, paper,  insulation,  or cloth  
• Nocturnal  activity. Daytime  activity  may  indicate a  large 
population of rodents.  	
Effective Pest Control	 	

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