Federal Waitress Minimum Wage Laws Federal Payday Frequency Laws 2024

Weekly Payday

Not Permitted

Biweekly Payday

Not Permitted

Semimonthly Payday

Not Permitted

Monthly Payday

Not Permitted

How Frequently Must Federal Employers Pay Employees?

Federal labor law does not specify how often an employee must be paid, so under Federal law any pay frequency is legal. The only rule specifies that employees must be paid on some regular, predictable schedule that workers can depend upon. However, most states do have payday frequency laws, so it is important that you check your state's law regarding pay frequency. You can find labor law for all states on Minimum-Wage.org.

Other Payday Laws

In addition to regulating payday frequency, Federal has other labor laws regulating things such as payroll wage garnishment, payment methods (suh as check and direct deposit), vacation pay, and final payroll following termination.

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