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The Indiana Discrimination Poster is an Indiana workers rights law poster provided for businesses by the Indiana Department Of Workforce Development. This is an optional notification, so while it is recommended that businesses hang this poster if relevant to their employees, it is not required by the Department Of Workforce Development.

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Know Your rights!
ederal laws protect you, and other people, from discrimination by some 	 	
or all of the programs of the business, organization, or office where you 
are reading this poster.  The Civil Rights Center (known as “CRC”), in the 	
U.S. Department of Labor, is in charge of overseeing many of these laws.   
It does not matter if you are a customer wanting or needing services; an 
employee of the business, organization, or office; a person applying for a job; 	
or a member of the general public.  If you have contact with a program that 
is covered by one of the laws, the program cannot discriminate against you.   
CRC has designed this poster to explain: 
•  what your rights are, and
•  where you can file a complaint if you believe the law has been violated.	v	
Discrimination is 
a gainst the Law	
These types of discrimination are against the law 
A program that is covered by one of the laws mentioned at the top of this 
poster is not allowed to discriminate on any of the following bases (ty\
of discrimination): 
For customers, applicants, employees, and the general public: 
• race  • color • national origin   • religion
• sex  • age • disability     • political affiliation or belief
For customers only:
•  citizenship or status to work legally in the US
•  being part of any program that gets a specific type of “financial assistance” 	
from the Federal government under a specific law (the Workforce Invest	-	
ment Act).	
How can I file a discrimination complaint? 
If you think: 
•  a program of this business, organization, or office has discriminated against 	
you, or against any specific group of people, and	
•  the type of discrimination you think happened is on the list you w\
ill find 	
elsewhere on this poster, then you have the right to file a discrimination 
Is there a time limit for filing a complaint?  Yes.  You must file a discrimination 
complaint within 180 days of the day on which the discrimination took pl\
The only person who can let you file your complaint late is the Director of the 
Civil Rights Center (CRC), in Washington, DC.  If you want to file a complaint 
more than 180 days after the discrimination, you must write to the CRC 
Director, explain why you should be allowed to file your complaint late, and 
ask for permission.  Look for the address for CRC on this poster. 
What should the complaint include?  
The complaint must be filed in writing.  It should include this information: 
•  Your name
•  Your address
•  Your signature
•  The name and address of the program, business, organization, or office you 	
think discriminated against you or against a specific group of people.	
•  The date when you think the discrimination took place.
•  The types of discrimination you think are involved in the case (for example, 	
race, sex, disability, age). 	
•  The names of any people who were involved in the discrimination, including 	
any witnesses.	
You must also explain what happened, and why you think discrimination took 
Do I have to file the complaint myself?  You may file the complaint through 
a “representative.”  Your representative may be a lawyer, a family member, 
a social worker, a union steward, or anyone else you choose to file the 
complaint for you.  If a representative files your complaint for you, these three 
things must be on the complaint.   
•  First, your representative’s name must be on the complaint.
•  Second, the complaint must say that your representative is   filing the 	
complaint for you.	
•  Third, you must personally sign the complaint.	
Where may I file a complaint?  You can choose one of two 
possible places to file your complaint. 	  	
The state or local level.  If you would like to file your complaint at the state or 
local level, here is the contact information for the correct office: 
The Federal government’s Civil Rights Center.  If you would like to file your 
complaint with the Civil Rights Center, please send it to this address: 
ROOM N4123
If you have any questions, you may contact CRC by phone or e-mail: 
Phone:  (202) 693-6500
TTY/TDD: (202) 693-6516
Email:  [email protected] 
Or check CRC’s website: 
CRC’s business hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Eastern Time. 
Do I need to use a special form to file the complaint?   
•  If you file your complaint with CRC, you do not have to use a special form at 	
first.  You just need to make sure to send us all of the information on the list 
in the “What should the complaint include?” section of this poster.  but if 
you do not use our complaint form, we will ask you to fill out a copy of the 
form before we begin working on your complaint.	
•  If you would like to file your complaint at the State or local level, you also 
do not need to use a special form at first.  but the office where you file 	
your complaint may also ask you to fill out one or more forms before its 
staff begins working on your complaint.  Please use the contact information 
above to check with that office.	
Where can I get a copy of CRC’s complaint form?       
•  Are you able to use the Internet to print forms?  If yes, CRC’s website has 	
copies of the complaint form, in either English or Spanish.	
		–  	This is the Web address for the form in English:	
		–  This is the Web address for the form in Spanish:	
•  If you are not able to use the Internet to print forms, you may get a copy of 	
CRC’s complaint form in one of these ways:	
	–  You may write to CRC to ask for a copy of the form.  Look for          
   CRC’s mailing address on this poster.
	–  The business, organization, or office where you are reading this         	
    poster should be able to give you a copy of the form.
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