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The Maine’s Earned Paid Leave Law for Agricultural Employment is a Maine workers rights law poster provided for businesses by the Maine Department Of Labor. This is an optional notification, so while it is recommended that businesses hang this poster if relevant to their employees, it is not required by the Department Of Labor.

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Maine’s Earned Paid Leave Law (EPL)	
The EPL law provides qualified workers with up to 40 hours of paid leave for every  
one hour worked for a single employer.	
Bureau  of La bor St andards
This poster is available online at no charge and may be copied:	      	
The Maine Department of Labor provides equal opportunity in employment and programs.  
Auxiliary aids and services are available to people with disabilities upon request.	
Information for Agricultural Employers	
Farms that do not have more than 10 employees 
for more than 120 days in a calendar year: • Farmworkers do not qualify for EPL 
Farms with more than 10 employees for more than 
120 days in a calendar year: •  EPL covers all farmworkers who perform work 
that is considered employment under 26 MRS 
1043 (11) and it is not deemed seasonal by 
Unemployment standards
◊	 Unemployment maintains a list of seasonal 
industries at:
•  Covered employees would be eligible to use 
their EPL after they have been employed for 
more than 120 days
•  H-2A workers are exempt from this law and do 
not qualify for EPL
If you are unsure whether the type of work your 
employees perform qualifies as employment as 
defined in 26 MRS§1043 (11), please call the 
Unemployment Tax Division at 207-621-5120 for 
guidance.	La Ley de Tiempo Libre Compensado por Horas 
Trabajadas (EPL) Información para empleadores agrícolas  
Granjas que no tienen más de 10 empleados por 
más de 120 días en un año calendario: •  Trabajadores agrícolas no califican para la EPL
Granjas con  más de diez empleados por más de 120 
días en un año calendario: •  La EPL cubre a todos los trabajadores agrícolas 
que realizan trabajo que se considera empleo 
según 26 MRS 1043 (11) y no se considera 
estacional según las normas de la División del 
◊	 La División del Desempleo mantiene una 
lista de industrias estacionales en: https://
•  Trabajadores calificados serían elegibles 
para usar su EPL después de haber estado 
empleados por más de 120 días
•  Los trabajadores con estatus H-2A están 
exentos y no se califican para los beneficios de 
la EPL 
Si no está seguro de si el tipo de trabajo que realizan 
sus empleados califica como empleo cubierto según 
26 MRS 1043 (11), llame a la División de Impuestos 
de Desempleo al 207-621-5120 para obtener 

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