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The Minimum Wage Poster is a New York minimum wage law poster provided for businesses by the New York Department Of Labor. This is a required poster for all New York employers, and any business that fails to post this notification may be subject to penalties or fines.

This is a state labor law poster enforced by the state Department of labor. It’s a mandatory post required of all employers within the state. It provides information about the prevailing rate of minimum wage payable to all covered employees within the state for every hour of service. The New York minimum wage poster highlights the rights of covered workers while also indicating responsibilities of employers within the state. The poster defines workers who qualify and or are exempted, including workers and employers, from the provisions of the state minimum pay law. It contains information about overtime pay and penalties for infraction. The poster also directs where and how to file a related claim. The poster must be correctly posted by covered employers at a conspicuous place where all workers can access. Failure to comply with the posting and law can and may attract fines and or sanctions.

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Attention Miscellaneous 	
Industry Employees	 	
Minimum Wage hourly rates effective 12/31/201 8 –  12/30/201 9 	
New York City	 	
Large  Employers ( 11 or more employees)  	 	Small Employers ( 10 or less employees)  	
Minimum Wage  	$15.00	 	
Overti me after 40 hours  $ 22 .50	 	
 Tipped workers	                           
At least    	
$11.35  or $1 2.75	 
    Overtime  after 40 hours    $18 .85  or  $20 .25	
Minimum Wage  	$13 .5 0	 	
Overtime after 40 hours  $ 20 .25	 	
  Tipped workers	                           	
At least   	$10 .2 0  or $1 1.45  	
    Overtime after 40  hours   $16 .95  or  $18 .20	                                                   	    	
Long Island	 and	 	
Westchester County	 	
 	Remainder	 of	 	
New York State	 	
Minimum Wage  	$12.00	        	
Overtime after 40 hours	 $18.0 0	 	
 Tipped workers	              
At least    	$9 .05  or $ 10.20 	   	
   Overtime after 40 hours     $1 5.0 5 or $1 6.20   	
Minimum Wage  	$11 .1 0	 	
Overtime after 40 hours $16 .65	 	
  Tipped workers	                            
At least     	$8 .40  or $ 9.45  	
Overtime after 40 hours     $13. 95 or $1 5.0 0 	
If you have questions , need  more information or want to file a complaint , please visit  	
ww w.labo r.n	 or call:  	1-888 -469- 7365	. 	
Credits and Allowances 	that may reduce 	
your pay below the  min imum wage rates 
shown above:   
•   Tips  –  Your employer may use a  limited 
amount of your tips to reduce  your wage s.  
This is called a tip credit.  Your employer 
may take a tip credit  only  if your tips plus 
wages add up to at least  the minimum 
wage.  They must s till pay  you at least the 
tipped  wage rates shown above.  
•   Meals and lodging –  Your employer may 
claim a  limited amount  of your wages  for 
meals  and lodging that they  provide to 
yo u, as long as they do not charge you 
anything else.  T he rates and requirements 
are set forth in  wage orders and 
summaries , which are available online.   	
Extra Pay 	you may be owed in addition to the	 minimum wage 	
rates shown above:
•  Overtime  –  You must be paid 1½  times your regular rate of 
pay (no less than amounts shown above) for weekl y hours 
over 40 (or 44 for residential employees).   
Exceptions : Overtime is not required for salaried 
professionals, or for executives and administrative staff 
whose weekly salary is more than 75 times the minimum 
wage rate.  
•   Call -in pay –  If  you go to work  as scheduled and  your 
employer  sends you home early, you may be entitled to extra 
hours of pay at the minimum wage rate for that day.  
•   Spread of hours  – If your workday lasts longer than ten 
hours, you may be entitled to extra  daily pay. The daily rate is  
equal to one hour of pay at the minimum wage rate.   
•  Uniform maintenance  – If you clean your own uniform, you 
may be entitled to additional weekly pay . The weekly rates 	
are available online.	 	
LS 207 (12/18 )  	                     	Minimum Wage Poster	       Pos t in Plain View

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