Virginia Printable Free Workers Compensation Law Posters Workers' Compensation Notice for the Commonwealth of Virginia Mandatory

The Workers' Compensation Notice for the Commonwealth of Virginia is a Virginia workers compensation law poster provided for businesses by the Virginia Employment Commission. This is a required poster for all Virginia employers, and any business that fails to post this notification may be subject to penalties or fines.

This poster declares that in the Commonwealth of Virginia employees of businesses operating in the State are covered under the Virginia Workers' Compensation Act. It goes on to state that in case of injury by accident or notice of an occupational disease, then workers should do the following: One, immediately notify the employer. Two, promptly deliver compensation claims to the both the employer and the Virginia Workers? Compensation Commission. Three, file for a hearing with the Commission if the employer refuses compensation. Four, file a claim within two years or request an extension if the case appears that it will outlive that window.

Employers, on the other hand, must do three things: One, provide employees with prompt treatment from a physician or physicians. Two, report any incidents directly to the Workers? Compensation Commission. Three, accurately determine the compensation owed to injured or affected employees as a result of any incident.

Questions regarding workers? compensation in the State may be directed to the Virginia Workers? Compensation Commission (contact information is listed on the poster itself).

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Form VWC1 	
The employees of this business are covered by the Virginia Workers' Compensation Act.  In case of injury by accident or 
notice of an occupational disease: 
1. Immediately give notice to the employer, in writing,  of the injury or occupational disease and the date of
accident or notice of the occupational disease.
2. Promptly give to the employer and to the  Virginia Workers' Com	 pensation Commission notice of any
claim for compensation for the period of disability beyond  the seventh day after the accident.  In case of fatal
injuries, notice m ust be given by one or more depende nts of the deceased or by a person in their behalf.	
3. In case of failure to reach an agreement with th e employ	 er in regard to compensation under the act, file
application  with the Commission for a hearing within tw o years of the date of accidental injury or first
com munication of the diagnosis of an occupational disease.	
4. If medical treatment is anticipated for more than two years from the date of the accident and no award has
been entered, the em ploy	
ee should file a claim with the Commission within two years from  the date of the
accident. NOTE:  Th	
e employer's report of accident is not the filin	g of a claim 	for the employee.  	
1. At the time of the accident, give the employee 
the names of at least three 	 physicians from which the
em ployee may select the treating phy sician.	
2. Report the injury to the Commission through your carrier or directly to the Commission.
3. Accurately determine the employee's average w eekly wage, including overtim	 e, meals, uniforms, etc. Questions may be answered by con
tacting the Commission.  A booklet explaining the Workers' Com p	
ensation Act is 
available without cost from: 
333 E. Franklin St  
Richmond, Virginia 232	

 em ployer within the operation of the Virginia Workers' Com p	
CONSPICUOUS PLACE in his place of business.

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