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The Pregnant & Working (Poster-Color) is a Maryland equal opportunity law poster provided for businesses by the Maryland Department Of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. This is a required poster for all Maryland employers, and any business that fails to post this notification may be subject to penalties or fines.

This mandatory poster is a summary of the rights that pregnant women have while working in Maryland. It lists the rights available and protections under the law. Employers are also required to follow certain guidelines regarding their pregnant workers. Victims of discrimination should report their cases to the contact information provided.

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State of Maryland
Commission on Civil Rights
6 Saint Paul Street, Suite 900 Baltimore, MD 21202-1631	
What Does That Mean?
If you have a disability that is contributed to or caused by 
pregnancy, you may request a reasonable accommodation 
at work.  Your employer must explore “all possible means 
of providing the reasonable accommodation.”   State 
Government Article, §20-609(d)
The law lists an assortment of options for both you and 
your employer to consider in order to comply with a 
request for reasonable accommodation.  These include, 
but are not limited to:
•	 Changing job duties
•	 Changing work hours
•	 Relocation
•	 Providing mechanical or electrical aids
•	 Transfers to less strenuous or less hazardous positions
•	 Providing leave
Every situation is different.  You must explore every 
available option with your employer  to decide what 
accommodation best suits your needs.	
Main: (410) 767-8600  |  Toll Free: 1 (800) 637-6247  |  TTY: (410) 333-1737  |  Fax: (410) 333-1841 [email protected]  |	
Know Your Rights!	
If you are pregnant, you have a legal 
right to a reasonable accommodation 
if your pregnancy causes or contributes 
to a disability and the accommodation 
does not impose an undue hardship 
on your employer.  State Government 
Article, §20-609(b)	
Do I Need A Doctor’s Note?
It depends on what your employer requests.  The law 
allows an employer, at his or her discretion, to require 
certification from your health care provider regarding the 
medical advisability of a reasonable accommodation, but 
only to the same extent certification is required for other 
temporary disabilities.   State Government Article, §20-
609(f )
If required, the certification must include:
•	 Date a reasonable accommodation is medically 
•	 Probable duration of the accommodation should be 
•	 Explanation as to the medical advisability of the 
reasonable accommodation.
Can I Still Get In Trouble?
Retaliation is prohibited under State Government 
Article, §20-609(h) when exercising your rights.  If 
an employee seeks to exercise her right to request a 
reasonable accommodation for a temporary disability 
due to pregnancy, an employer may not:
•	Interfere with;
•	 Restrain;
•	 Deny the exercise; or
•	 Deny the attempt to exercise the right.
Any form of retaliation is grounds to file a Complaint of 
Discrimination with the Maryland Commission on Civil 
Rights (MCCR).	
What If I Am A Victim Of Discrimination?
If you believe your rights under the law have been violated, you must file a complaint with MCCR  within 6 
months of the alleged act of discrimination.  A trained Civil Rights Officer will work with you to discuss what 
happened and determine if there is reason to believe a discriminatory violation occurred.  You can reach MCCR 
by phone, email, fax, letter, or walk-in.  All procedures by MCCR are confidential until your case is certified for 
public hearing or trial.  	
Pregnant & Working

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