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The Minimum wage rates is a Minnesota minimum wage law poster provided for businesses by the Minnesota Department Of Labor & Industry. This is a required poster for all Minnesota employers, and any business that fails to post this notification may be subject to penalties or fines.

This mandatory poster is a summary of Minnesota's minimum wage laws. It outlines what minimum wage is in Massachusetts and how overtime pay works. Information on how to pay tipped employees and in-training employees.

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Effective:  Jan. 1, 2020	
Minimum wage rates	
Large employer –	 Any enterprise with annual gross 	revenues	 of 	
$500,000 or more	
$10	/hour	
Small employer – 	Any enterprise with annual gross revenues of less 	
than $500,000
Training wage – 	May be paid to employees aged 18 and 19 the first 90 	
consecutive days of employment
Youth wage – 	May be paid to employees aged 17 or younger	
$8.15	/hour	
J-1 Visa – 	May be paid to employees of hotels, motels, lodging 	
establishments and resorts working under the authority of a summer 
work, travel Exchange Visitor (J) non-immigrant visa	
$8.15	/hour	
the employee’s	 	
regular rate of pay	
Small or state-covered 	
Large and federally covered 	
After  	48	  hours	After  	40	  hours	
An employer may not discharge, discipline, threaten, discriminate or penalize an 
employee regarding the employee’s compensation, conditions, location or privileges 
of employment because the employee reports a violation of any law or refuses to 
participate in an activity the employee knows is a violation of law.	
View complete wage-rate information at www.dli.mn.gov/business/employment-practices/minimum-wage-minnesota.	
651-284-5070 • 800-342-5354 • [email protected] • www.dli.mn.gov
Posting required by law in a location where employees can easily see this notice.	October 2019

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