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South Carolina Printable Free Food Service Posters South Carolina Protect Yourself Against Hepatitis A Poster

The Protect Yourself Against Hepatitis A is a South Carolina food service poster provided for businesses by the South Carolina Department Of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. This is an optional notification, so while it is recommended that businesses hang this poster if relevant to their employees, it is not required by the Department Of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

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Protect Yourself Against 
Hepatitis A	
Hepatitis A is a virus that causes serious liver infection and can easily spread from 
person to person. This virus can make you very sick and even lead to hospitalization. 	
Many states, including South Carolina, are experiencing outbreaks of 	
hepatitis A. DHEC is working to limit the spread of hepatitis A in our state.	
For an appointment call: 1-855-472-3432 
If you are at risk, the hepatitis A vaccine is available at NO COST 
at DHEC Health Departments.
Visit	 to learn more about hepatitis A.	
M L- 0 2 5 6 6 2     7/19	
Who is at greatest risk?
• 	People who use drugs	
• 	People who are homeless	
• 	Men who have sex with men	
• 	People who were recently incarcerated	
• 	People who have close contact with someone 
who is infected	
What are the symptoms?
• 	Fever, fatigue, loss of appetite	
• 	Jaundice (skin or eyes look yellow)	
• 	Nausea, vomiting, stomach pain	
• 	Dark urine	
• 	Diarrhea	
How can I protect myself?
• 	Hepatitis A vaccine is the best protection	
• 	Wash your hands before and after eating,	 	
and after using the bathroom	
• 	Use a condom

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