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The Pregnancy Discrimination Poster is a Connecticut general labor law poster poster provided for businesses by the Connecticut Department Of Labor. This is a required poster for all Connecticut employers, and any business that fails to post this notification may be subject to penalties or fines.

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Connecticut General Statutes §§ 46a-60(a), (b)(7),  (d)(1) 
Pregnancy Discrimination and Accommodation in the W orkplace 	
Covered Employers  	
•  Forcing employee or job applicant to accept a reaso nable 	
Each employer with one or m	ore employees must comply with 	
these  anti-discrimination  and  reasonable  accommodat ion  laws 
related to an employee or job applicant’s pregnancy , childbirth 
or related conditions, including lactation. 	
acco	mmodation when she has no know	n limitat	ion related 	to pregnancy or the accommodation is not required t o perform 
the essential duties of job 
•   Requiring employee to take a leave of absence where  a reasonable 
accommodation could have been made instead 	
Proh	ibition of Discrimination 	No employer may discriminate against an employee or  job 
applicant because of her pregnancy, childbirth or o ther related 
conditions (e.g., breastfeeding or expressing milk  at work). 	 	
** Note: To demonstrate an undue hardship, the empl oyer must show 
that the accommodation would require a significant difficulty or 
expense in light of its circumstances. 	
Prohibited discriminatory conduct includes: 	 	
Proh	ibition of Ret	aliation 	
•  Term	inating employm	ent because of pregn	ancy, 	
childbirth or related condition 	
•  Denying reasonable leave	 of absence for dis	ability due to  Employers are prohibited from retaliating against a
n employee because 
of a request for reasonable accommodation. 	
pregnancy (e.g., doctor prescribed bed rest during  6-8 	Notice Requirements 	week recovery period after birth)* 	•  Denying disability or leave benefits accrued under  plans 
maintained by the employer 
•   Failing to reinstate employee to original job or eq uivalent 
position after leave 	Employers  must  post  or  provide  this  notice  to  all  exis	ting  employees  by 	January 28, 2018; to an existing employee within 10  days after 
she notifies the employer of her  pregnancy or relat ed conditions;  and to new 
employees upon commencing employment. 	
•   Limiting, segregating or classifying the employee i n a 	Complaint Process 	way t	hat wo	uld dep	rive her of employm	ent	 	CHRO	 	opportuni	ties 	•  Discriminating against her in the terms or conditio ns 
of employment 	Any employee aggrieved by a vi	olation of thes	e stat	utes may f	ile a complaint 	
with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and  Opportunities 
(CHRO).  Complainants have 300 days from the date of  the alleged act of 	
*Note:  There is no requirement that the employee be employed 	discrim	ination, or fr	om t	he time	 that y	ou reasonably became	 aware of the 	dis	crimination, in which to file a complaint.  It is illeg	al for anyone to retaliate	 	
for a 	certa	in len	gth of time	 prior to	 being granted job protected 	
leave of absence under this law.  against you for filing a complaint. 
Reasonable Accommodation
 	CHRO main number:  860-541-3400  
CHRO website:	 	An employer m	ust provide a reasonable acco	mm	odation to an 	employee or job applicant due to her pregnancy, chi ldbirth 
or needing to breastfeed or express milk at work.  CHRO link “How to File a Discrimination Complaint”: int-Process/How-to-
 	Reasonable accommodations include, but are not limited to: DOL 	
•  Bein	g perm	itted to sit while wo	rking 	
More frequent or longer breaks 
•   Periodic rest 	
Add	itionally, wo	men who are	 denie	d the right to	 breastfeed or express milk 	
at work, or are discriminated or retaliated against  for doing so, may also file a 
complaint with the Connecticut Department of Labor  (DOL). 	
•  Ass	istance with manual labor 	
•  Job restructuring 
•   Light duty assignments 
•   Modified work schedules 
•   Temporary transfers to less strenuous or less 
hazardous work 
•   Time off to recover from childbirth (prescribed by  a 
Doctor, typically 6-8 weeks 
•   Break time and appropriate facilities (not a bathro om) 
for expressing milk  DOL phone number:  860-263-6791  
DOL complaint form:
 Denial of Reasonable Accommodation 
No employer may discriminate against employee or jo b applicant 
by denying a reasonable accommodation due to pregna ncy. 	 	
Prohibited discriminatory conduct includes: 
•  Failing  to  make  reasonable  accommodation  (and  is  no t 
an undue hardship)** 
•   Denying job opportunities to employee or job applic ant 
because of request for reasonable accommodation

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