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The IRS Earned Income Credit (EIC) Notice 797 is a Federal miscellaneous law poster provided for businesses by the Federal Department Of Labor. This is an optional notification, so while it is recommended that businesses hang this poster if relevant to their employees, it is not required by the Department Of Labor.

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(Rev. December  2022)	
Cat. No. 63924Z	
Notice  797	
Notice 	797	 (Rev. 12-2022)	
Department  of the  Treasury 
Internal  Revenue  Service	
Possible Federal Tax Refund Due to 
the Earned Income Credit (EIC)
What Is the EIC? 
The  EIC is a refundable  tax credit  for certain  workers. 
What Is the Purpose of This Notice? 
Your employer sent you this notice to make you aware of an 
important federal tax beneft. Even if you had no income tax 
withheld from your wages during the year, you may be 
eligible for the EIC. 
How Much Is the EIC? 
For 2022, the EIC can be as much as $3,733 if you have one 
qualifying child who has a valid SSN; $6,164 if you have two 
qualifying children who have valid SSNs; $6,935 if you have 
three or more qualifying children who have valid SSNs; and 
$560 if you have no qualifying children who have a valid 
How Do You Claim the EIC? 
To claim the EIC, you must:  1. Be eligible for the EIC, and
2. File a 2022 tax return (including Schedule EIC if you 
have a qualifying child).
To fgure out if you are eligible, see Pub. 596 or visit 
If eligible, you can claim the EIC to get a refund even if 
you had no tax withheld from your pay or owe no tax. For 
example, if you had no tax withheld in 2022 and owe no tax 
but are eligible for a credit of $800, you must fle a 2022 
income tax return to get the $800 refund. 
Most people qualify for free tax preparation. If you earned 
less than $73,000, you can fle for free online at 
IRS.gov/FreeFile. In addition, IRS-certifed volunteers can 
prepare your return for free in person if you earned less than 
$60,000 or are age 60 or older. To fnd locations, visit 
IRS.gov/VITA or call 800-906-9887.
More  Information 
Refer to instructions for the tax return you are fling, 
Pub. 596, or IRS.gov/EITC for details on the EIC. You can 
download IRS forms and publications at IRS.gov/Forms, 
and you can get printed copies mailed to you by going to 
IRS.gov/OrderForms or by calling 800-829-3676.

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