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The Coronavirus Maternal Health Poster is a Florida coronavirus notice poster provided for businesses by the Florida Department Of Economic Opportunity. This is an optional notification, so while it is recommended that businesses hang this poster if relevant to their employees, it is not required by the Department Of Economic Opportunity.

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& Maternal Health	
If you have a cough or shortness of breath, stay 
home and contact your health care provider. 
Don’t go to work or school.
Other symptoms can include fever, chills, shaking, muscle 
pain, headaches, sore throat and a new loss of taste or smell.	
Get rest and stay hydrated.  If you are not sick enough to be hospitalized you can 
recover at home. 
Monitor your symptoms.  If your symptoms get worse, call your health care provider 
Breastmilk is the best nutrition for most babies.  It is still unknown  if mothers with 
confirmed COVID- can transmit the virus via breastmilk.
If you test positive for COVID- , or are awaiting test results:
 Talk to your healthcare provider about how to start or continue breastfeeding. You 
may be able to use a breast pump to express your milk. 
 Wash your hands carefully and wear a face mask while pumping. 
 A healthy family member or caregiver can feed the breastmilk to your baby. 
 Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on cleaning breast pump parts after each 
 If you are in labor, call the hospital or medical facility before you arrive to give the 
staff time to take proper infection control precautions to protect your baby.
Wash your hands  often with soap and water for at least  seconds. If soap 
and water aren’t available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least % 
Avoid touching your face  with unwashed hands.
Cover your coughs and sneezes with the inside of your elbow or a tissue.
Clean objects or surfaces daily  that people touch a lot: door knobs, kitchen 
counters, key pads, etc.
If you’re sick, protect your family. Stay in a separate room from others and 
avoid sharing personal items. Learn more at the Centers for Disease Control 
and Prevention’s Get Your Home Ready page (https://tinyurl.com/vuf).	
Take care of your 
 Continue to attend 
prenatal care visits. Use 
telemedicine/ telehealth for 
medical visits if your insurance 
offers it.
 Keep up healthy habits: healthy eating, 
exercise, getting enough sleep and managing 
Stock up on – weeks of non-perishable 
food, prescriptions and medical and health 
care supplies.
Create a contact list  of family, friends, 
neighbors, health care providers, community 
assistance programs and drivers, and let them 
know you may need them for help if you 
become sick.
Stay up to date with state and local guidance 
at FloridaHealthCOVID.gov and CDC 
travel guidance at 
Florida Health Office of Communications --
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention	
It is unknown if pregnant women have a greater chance of getting sick from COVID- than other people. 
Some of the changes that occur in women’s bodies during pregnancy may increase their risk for some  infections. It is always important for pregnant women to protect themselves from illnesses.	
Practice Social Distancing:
 Stay home as much as possible.
 Stay away from people who are sick or who have 
been sick in the past two weeks.
 Shop during off-hours when crowds are smaller.
 Avoid crowds and gatherings of  or more people.
 Keep at least  feet between you and other people.
 Avoid touching “high-touch” public surfaces.
 Wear cloth face coverings in public places.	

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