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The Florida Child Labor Laws is a Florida child labor law poster provided for businesses by the Florida Department Of Economic Opportunity. This notification is required for some employers, such as employers of minors.

This mandatory poster is a detailed summary of the child labor laws in Florida. It details when and for how long youth workers are allowed to work. It divides up the laws by age groups and school schedules. There is also a section that explains the circumstances where children are not allowed to work. Procedures for reporting suspected violations are also included.

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Mino	rs 16 & 17	 	Mino	rs 14 & 15 - Under	 14 years old	 MAY	 NOT WORK	 	
Florida:	 May NOT work	 during 	
school	 hou	rs unless	 they	 meet	 a 	
criterion	 of the	 Hour	 Restrictions 	
listed	 bel	ow. FLSA:	 No	 limitation	s. 	
Florida	 & FLSA:	 May	 not	 work during	 school	 hou	rs (some	  	
exceptions	 app	ly).	 	
Florida	 & FLSA:	 Not	 requi	red, except	 the FLSA	 requi	res the empl	oyer to maintain	 date	 of birth info	rmation	 for all empl	oyees under	 	
19 years	 old.	 	
Florida:	 May	 work up	 to 30 	hou	rs per	 week.  Not	 be	fore	 6:30	 	a.m. or	 later	 than	 11 p.m. and for 	no mo	re than	 8 hou	rs a day when 	school	 is scheduled	 the	 foll	owing	 	da	y.  On	 days	 when s	chool	 does 	not	 follo	w, there	 are no hour 	 	restrictions	. 	
FLSA:	 No	 limitation	s. 	
Florida:	 May	 work up to	 15 hou	rs per	 week.  Not	 be	fore	 7 a.m.	 or after	 7 	
p.m. and 	for no mo	re than	 3 hou	rs a day on school	 day	s, when a school	 	
day foll	ows.  May	 work up to	 8 hou	rs on 	Frid	ay, Saturda	y, Sunda	y, and	 on	 	
non	-school	 days,	 when	 school	 days do	 not	 foll	ow, until	 9 p.m.	 	
of 3 	8 	maximum	 	
is 	7 	7 	of 	and	 	
8 	and 	
7 p.m.	 	
(summer	 vacation;	 	winte	r, spring	 breaks)	 	
Florida:	 No	 Limitations	 	FLSA:	 No	 limitation	s. 	Note:	 Hazardous	 occupations	 	still	 app	ly for mino	rs. 	
Florida:	 May	 work up to	 8 hrs. per	 day and up to	 40 hrs. per	 week; m	ay 	not	 work be	fore 7 a.m. or	 after	 9 p.m.	 	
FLSA:	 May	 work up to	 8 hrs. per	 day	 and up to	 40 hrs. per	 week.  	Work 	
must	 be	 per	formed	 between	 7 a.m.	 and 7	 p.m.; f	rom	 June 1	 to Labor	 Day 	may	 work until 9	 p.m.	 	
DAYS PER	 WEEK	 	Florida:	 No	 mo	re than	 6 consecut	ive days	 in any one	 week.	 FLSA:	 No	 limitation	s. 	
BREAKS	 	Florida:	 Mino	rs may	 work no	 mo	re than	 4 consecut	ive hou	rs without	 a 30 mi	nute	 uninte	rrupted	 break.	 FLSA: 	No	 limitation	s. 	
AGRICU	LTURE	 	Florida:	 Mino	rs pa	rticipating	 in farm work, not	 on	 their	 pa	rents	 or guardian	’s farm,	 must	 comp	ly with	 the 	same	 restrictions	 as in other	 work. FLSA:	 No	 limitation	s. 	
FLSA:	 No	 empl	oyment	 permitted	 during	 school	 hour	s. May	 work	 after	 school	 in occupations	 not	 decla	red hazardous	 in agricultu	re. See	 Child	 Labor	 Bulletin	 102. 	
(Exception:	 12 and 13	 year-olds	 may be	 empl	oyed with	 written pa	rental	 consent	 or on a fa	rm where the minor	’s parent is also	 empl	oyed; minors under 12	 may be 	empl	oyed with	 written pa	rental	 consent	 on fa	rms where empl	oyees are exempt	 from the Federal	 minimum	 wage	 provision	s.) 	
RESTRICTED	 OCCU	PATIONS	 The State of Florida	 has	 inco	rpor	ated	 the	 17 Haza	rdous	 Occupations	 (H0s)	 of the	 FLSA	 into	 the	 Florida	 	law and	 Child	 Labor	 Rule. For more	 info	 on	 HO	s, contact	 the	 U.S. Department	 of Labo	r, Wage and	 Hour	 Division.	 This	 poster	 rep	resents	 a 	combination	 of those	 laws	 with	 an ** annot	ating	 Florida	 law ―onl	y.‖ 	
Mino	rs under	 the	 age	 of 18 may not	 work in bel	ow occupations:	 	
•  Working	 in or around	 explos	ives or radioact	ive substances	 	
•  Operating	 Motor	 vehicles	 	•  Logging	 or sawmilling	 	
•  Operating	 power-driven meat	 processing	 ma	chines	 to include	 me	at 	and	 vegeta	ble slicer	s; slaughterin	g, meat	 packing,	 processing	 or 	
rendering	 	•  Working	 on	 any	 sca	ffolding,	 roofs	 or ladders	 above 6 feet;	 roofing	 	
•  Wreckin	g, demolition	 or excavation	 	•  Mining	 occupations	 	
•  Operating	 power-driven bak	ery; metal	-forming,	 pun	ching,	 and	 	shearing	 machines;	 wood	workin	g, paper	 products	 or hoisting	 	
machines	 	•  Ma	nufacturing	 bri	ck and	 tile	 products	 	
•  Operating	 circular	 saws, band	 saws, & guillotine	 shears	 	** Working	 with	 compressed	 gases	 exceeding	 40 p.s.i. 	
** Working	 in or around	 toxic	 substance	s, corros	ives or pesticides	 	** Firefighting	 	
** Working	 with	 electrical	 appa	ratus	 or wiring	 	** Operating	 or assisting	 to ope	rate tractors	 over 20 PTO hors	epower, 	
forklift	s, earthm	oving	 equipment,	 any	 harvestin	g, planting, or	 	plowing	 machine	ry or any	 moving	 ma	chine	ry 	
Mino	rs 14 and	 15 may	 not	 work in these	 occupations:	 	
•   Operating	 any p	ower-driven machine	ry other than	 office	 ma	chine	s, 	
including	 all power mowe	rs and	 cutters	 	•   Maintaining	 or repairing	 an esta	blishment,	 ma	chine	s, or equipment	 	
•   Working	 in freezers or meat	 coolers	 	•   Operating,	 setting	 up, adjusting,	 or cleaning	 power-driven meat	 or 	
vegetable slice	rs, grinder	s, food 	choppe	rs, and	 cutter	s, and	 bakery- 	type	 mixers	 	
•   Operating	 motor	 vehicles	 	•   Ma	nufacturing,	 mining,	 or processing	 occupations	 where	 goods	 are	 	
ma	nufactu	red,	 mined,	 or processed	 	•   Cooking	 (some	 exceptions	 apply)	 & baking	 	
•   Working	 in occupations	 in Transpo	rtation,	 Warehouse	 & Stora	ge, 	Com	munication	s, and	 Const	ruction	 (except clerical);	 boiler	 or 	
engine	 rooms	 	•   Loading	 and	 unloading	 trucks 	
•   Working	 in public	 messen	ger services	 	**  Handling	 certain	 dan	gerous	 animals	 	
**  Conducting	 doo	r-to-door	 sales	 of products	 as empl	oyment	 (some	 	exceptions)	 	
**  Spray painting	 	
EXEMPTIONS	 	Hour	 Restrictions	 – (from	 hour	 restrictions	 on	ly; hazard	 restrictions	 	Age	 Restrictions	 — (from	 age requirements;	 hazard	 restrictions	 still	 	
still	 apply	 until	 18 yrs.) 	apply)	 	
•  Mino	rs who	 hold	 waivers from	 a public	 school	 or Child	 Labor	 	•  Minors	 who	 work for their	 parents	 in occup	ations	 not	 declar	ed 	
Compliance	 	hazardous	 	
•  Mino	rs who	 have been	 ma	rried	 	•  Pages in the	 Florida	 legislature	 	
•  Mino	rs who h	ave either	 graduated	 from an acc	redited	 high s	chool,	 or 	•  Newspaper	 del	ivery (10	 years	 old)	 	
hold	 a high	 school	 equ	ivalency	 diploma	 	•  Minors	 in the	 ente	rtainment	 indust	ry registered	 with	 Child	 Labor	 	
•  Mino	rs who	 have served in the	 U.S. Armed	 Forces	 	Compliance	 	
• Minor s	 who	 are	 enrolled	 in high	 school	 work programs	 	A cou	rt may authori	ze an exemption	 from	 age and	 hour	 restriction	s. 	
PARTIAL	 WAIVERS 	The Florida	 Child	 Labor	 law is designed	 to serve and	 protect	 minors	 and	 encoura	ge them	 to remain	 in school.	 At time	s, 	some	 mino	rs may feel	 that	 the	 law con	flicts	 with	 their	 best	 inte	rest	 or their	 life	 circumstances;	 ther	efor	e, they	 have the	 rig	ht to request	 an 	exemption	 from	 the	 law. If a minor	 is attending	 the	 K-12 pu	blic school,	 a waiver may be obtained	 and	 granted	 by the	 local	 school	 district.	 All 	other mino	rs may request	 an applic	ation 	by contacting	 the	 Child L	abor Complianc	e.  Waiver applications are 	revie	wed and 	granted	 on a case	 by 	case	 basi	s.  To qualif	y, applicants	 must	 demonstr	ate th	at ce	rtain	 requirements	 of Florida	 law need	 to be waived.	 Empl	oyers must keep a copy of 	partial	 waivers of empl	oyed	 minor	s. 	
PE	NALTIE	S Florida:	 Empl	oyment	 of minors	 in violation	 of Florida	 Child	 Labor	 laws	 may result	 in fines	 up to $2,500	 per	 offense	 and/or	 be 	
guilty	 of a second	 degree	 misdemeano	r.  FLSA:	 Maximum	 fines	 up	 to $11,000	 per	 minor	 / per	 violation.	 	
WORKERS’  COMPENSATION	 	If an	 	is 	in 	of any 	of the	 	laws	 of 	
an	 	be	 	to up	 to 	the	 	law. 	
POSTING	 REQUIREMENTS	 Florida:	 All emplo	yers of mino	rs must	 post	 in a	 conspicuous	 place	 on	 the	 prope	rty or place	 of 	
employment,	 whe	re it may	 be	 easi	ly read,	 a poster	 notifying	 mino	rs of the	 Child	 Labor	 laws.	 	
For information	 on	 Florida	 laws	 contact:	 	Florida	 Depa	rtment	 of Business	 and	 Professional	 Regul	ation	 • Child	 Labor	 Program	 	2601 Blair	 Stone Road	 • Tallahassee,	 FL 32399	-2212	 • Telephone	 850.488.3131;	 Toll	-Free	 1.800.226.2536	 • ww	w.myfloridalicense.com	 	For information	 on	 Federal	 laws	 contact:	 	U.S. Depa	rtment	 of Labo	r, Wage	 & Hour	 Division,	 listed	 in the	 telephone	 directo	ry under	 U.S. Government;	 ww	w.dol.	gov/el	aws/	 	flsa.htm.	 	Florida	 Depa	rtment	 of Business	 and	 Professional	 Regulation	 and	 the	 United	 States	 Depa	rtment	 of La	 	"Working	 Together	 for	 Florida's	 	kf	 	
   2016 May	 16 	
The	 State of Florida	 and	 the	 Federal	 Fair	 Labor	 Standa	rds	 Act	 (FLSA)	 	
Protecting	 the	 Health,	 Education	 and	 Welfare of Mino	rs in the	 Workplace.	 	This cha	rt summarizes	 the child	 labor	 laws of	 the State of	 Florida	 and	 the Fede	ral Fair Labor	 Standa	rds Act	 (FSLA).	 	The	 stricter	 provisions must	 be obse	rved and	 are denoted	 by bold	 letterin	g. The	 Federal	 law in italic	s.

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