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The Kansas Department Of Labor provides a number of mandatory and optional labor law posters for all Kansas businesses with employees to prominently post in the workplace. These posters are meant to educate employees on a variety of labor law topics topics such as the minimum wage, occupational health & safety, and other important labor laws. Minimum-Wage.org provides all of Kansas' mandatory and optional labor law posters on this page, to download or print free of charge.

All five required state labor law posters can be printed out at your convenience on the Kansas Department of Labor website, http://www.dol.ks.gov/Laws/Posters.aspx.

Required Kansas Labor Law Posters 2 PDFS

The Kansas Department Of Labor requires that these two mandatory labor law posters be diaplayed by all employers in an easily-viewed area in the workplace. Most businesses in Kansas will also need to print and post the Federal Department of Labor's mandatory labor posters in addition to these state posters.

In Kansas, the following posters must be displayed in all workplaces: Child Labor, Unemployment Insurance, Workers Compensation, EEOC, and Indoor Clean Air Act.

Poster Class Poster Name Poster Description
Workers Compensation Law
Workers Compensation Information concerning Kansas workers compensation rights.
Unemployment Law
Unemployment Insurance Information concerning Kansas unemployment insurance.
Poster Class Poster Name Poster Description

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Optional Kansas Labor Law Posters 13 PDFS

Kansas provides an additional thirteen labor law posters that are either optional to post, or mandatory only for certain types of employer. Check this list carefully to see if any of these labor posters are relevant to your business.

Poster Class Poster Name Who Must Post Poster Description
Health Notice Employee Handwashing poster Food establishments Kansas requires a poster notifying employees of food establishments to wash their hands.
Food Service Kansas Nursing Home Handwashing Poster Optional Handwashing poster for Kansas nursing homes.
Coronavirus Notice If You are Sick with COVID-19 Optional Outlines what to do if you get sick with COVID-19.
Coronavirus Notice Family Action Plan Optional Provided by the Kansas Department of Health to provide awareness of COVID-19 and how to create a proper Family Action Plan.
Coronavirus Notice Coronavirus Notice For Workers Who Visit Homes Optional This poster provides information for workers who visit homes. Updated for 2020 year.
Coronavirus Notice Coronavirus vs Cold vs Flu vs Allergies (Adults) Optional A chart providing comparisons between COVID and other common seasonal illnesses for adults.
Coronavirus Notice Coronavirus Notice What is a Dental Emergency Poster Optional Provides guidelines as to what is and isn't considered a dental emergency.
Coronavirus Notice Coronavirus When to Seek Medical Attention Poster Optional Provides guidelines as to when to seek medical attention for COVID-19 disease.
Coronavirus Notice Talking with Children about Coronavirus Poster Optional A resource on how to talk to children about the coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus Notice Maintaining Positive Mental Health During COVID-19 Poster Optional Guidelines on how to maintain positive mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Coronavirus Notice Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 Optional This poster includes information to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Child Labor Law Child Labor Poster Employers of Minors Contains information about Kansas Child Labor Law requirements such as hours and work permits.
Anti-Smoking Law Kansas Indoor Clean Air Act Optional Displays Kansas No-Smoking poster.
Poster Class Poster Name Who Must Post Poster Description
Anti-Smoking Law
Kansas Indoor Clean Air Act (Spanish) Optional Displays Kansas No-Smoking poster in Spanish.

Once you have printed all needed Kansas labor law posters, be sure to visit the free federal labor law posters page to ensure that you also acquire all mandatory Federal posters in order to comply with Department of Labor's mandatory posting laws.

Disclaimer: While Minimum-Wage.org does our best to keep this list of Kansas labor law postings up to date and complete, we cannot be held liable for errors or omissions. Is a Kansas labor poster on this page missing or out-of-date? Please let us know here so we can fix it!

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