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The Healthcare Whistleblower's Protection Act is a Vermont whistleblower law poster provided for businesses by the Vermont Department Of Labor. This notification is required for some employers, such as employers who fall under the healthcare sector.

This poster delineates the protections provided to workers, specifically in the healthcare sector, who report or refuse to commit illegal acts. The protections contained within the law and displayed on the poster are underwritten by Title 21 of the Vermont Statutes, Annotated ?507-509. Specifically, this poster declares that it is illegal for an employer to terminate employment of a worker, threaten termination, retaliate against an employee, or treat them differently because they did any or all of the following:

One, reported a violation by the employer or any person, entity, or public body. Two, reported a medical error or improper or inadequate care of a patient by any of these aforementioned parties. Three reported something that risks anyone's health or safety in the workplace or following activities conducted in it. Four, refused to participate in any illegal or immoral activity, practice, or policy of an employer. The poster goes on to state that citizens are protected under the law only if they: One, employed by a healthcare facility, such as a hospital or nursing home. Two, workers inform their employers about problems or issues thy have noticed and allow them a chance to amend the issue or issues before reporting it to the government. Three, employees have good reason to believe that their employers will not correct issues brought up. The poster closes by encouraging readers, specifically employees, to contact their employers with concerns about health and safety in medical service workplaces, especially before contacting the State of Vermont about perceived issues.

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Vermont Law
(Title 21, V.S.A.,
Sections 507 - 509)
requires every hospital
and nursing home
to post this notice.	
It is illegal for your employer to 
fi re you, threaten you, retaliate 
against you or treat you 
differently because:
1.  You reported a violation of the 
law by your employer to any 
person, entity, or public body;
2.  You reported a medical error 
or improper quality of patient 
care by your employer to any 
person, entity, or public body;
3.  You reported something that 
risks someone’s health or 
4.  You have objected or refused 
to participate in any activ-
ity, policy, or practice of your 
employer that you reasonably 
believe is a violation of a law 
or constitutes improper quality 
of care, or that will endanger 
your life; or
5.  You have been involved in an 
investigation or hearing held 
by the government.You are protected by this law 
ONLY if:
1.  You are employed by a hospi-
tal, or nursing home; and
2.  You tell your employer about 
the problem and allow a 
reasonable time for it to be 
corrected; or
3.  You have good reason to 
believe that your employer will 
not correct the problem.
If you have been fi red or 
your employer has retaliated 
against you due to a violation of 
this law, you may:
1.  Use any available internal 
process, grievance procedure, 
or similar process available to 
you to maintain or restore any 
loss of employment rights with 
your employer; or
2.  Bring an action in the superior 
court of the county where the 
retaliation by your employer 
occurred.	To report a violation, unsafe con-
dition or practice or an illegal act 
in your workplace, contact:
(The employer should fi ll in this 
FOR MORE INFORMATION 	CALL THE VERMONT DEPARTMENT OF LABOR	 | 1-802-828-0267 | TTY/Relay Service at 711  | TDD services at 1-800-650-4152
Auxiliary aides and services are available upon request for individuals with disabilities.
Interpretive services are also available for persons with limited English profi ciency.	
* A copy of the complete statute 
can be found at:
This poster may be copied.	
Healthcare Whistleblower’s Protection Act
There is protection for 
Healthcare Employees Who Report or 
Refuse to Commit Illegal Acts*	
whistle	blowerblower

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