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The DC Family Medical Leave Act is a District of Columbia family leave law poster provided for businesses by the District of Columbia Office Of Human Rights. This notification is required for some employers, such as employers with 20 or more employees.

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Work Leave for Family 
or Medical Purposes  The  District  of  Columbia  Family  and  Medical  Leave  Act  (DCFMLA)  requires  employers  with  20  or  more 
to provide  eligible  employees  with  16  weeks  of  family  leave  and 16  weeks  of  medical 
leave  during  a  24-month  period.   However,  the  law  does  not  require  employers  to  specifically  pay  for 
leave  under  DCFMLA,  except  that  employees  may  use  accrued  leave  (i.e.,  sick,  annual,  PTO,  etc.)  and  where 
applicable,  for  private  sector,  payment  under  the  Universal  Paid  Leave  Act,  and  for  DC  government 
employees,  payment  under  the  Paid Family Leave Act.   Family 
Eligible  circumstances  for family  leave under  DCFMLA  include the birth  of a child,  adopting  a 
child, or  caring  for a child  in foster  care. Caring  for a seriously  ill family  member  is also  eligible f or 
family leave. 
Medical  Leave 
Eligible  circumstances  for medical  leave under  DCFMLA  includes recovering  from a serious 
illness rendering  the employee  unable to work. 
under  DCFMLA  may be taken  in blocks  of time,  intermittently,  and in certain  circumstances,  at a reduced 
The  employer  may require  medical  certification  and reasonable  prior notice  when applicable.  

Employee Eligibility  An 
employee  is eligible  under  the  Act  if she  or he  has  been  employed  by the  employer  for  at least  12 
consecutive  or n	
 on-consecutive  months in the  seven  years immediately  preceding the start  of the  fam	 ily or  medical  leave, 
and w orked at l east 1,000  hours  during  these 12 months. 1
The  District  government  is considered  a single  employer.  The above  eligibility  requirements  can be met 
by considering  employment at more  than one  District agency. 
Employer  Posting Requirements 
employer  must post and maintain  this notice  in a conspicuous  place. An employer  that willfully  fails to post 
this  notice  may be ordered  to pay  a fine  of up  to  $100  for each  day the employer  fails to post  the notice.
 phone: (202) 727-4
559  fax: (202) 
 441 4th Street  NW, Suite 570N,  Washington, 
DC 20010
 For family or medical  leave that began prior to November 13, 2021, an employee is eligible under the Act if she or he was employed by the 
employer for at least one year without a break  in service, and worked  at least 1,000 hours during the 12 month period immediately preceding 
the requested leave.  The one year of service requirement did not need to have immediately preceded the request for leave.  DC 
Family  and Medical  Leave Act
-Workplace Poster-
you  believe  an employer  has wrongfully  denied  you  family  or medical  leave, 
or retaliated against you under this statute, you can  file a complaint within one year of the 
incident with the Office of Human Rights (OHR). To fi le a complaint, visit:

Online  at ohr.dc.gov;  or

 In-Person  at 441  4th Street  NW, Suite  570N,  Washington,  DC 20001. Questions 
about the OHR  process  can also  be answered  by phone  at (202)  727-4559.
a Complaint  of a Violation

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