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The Living Wage Act Poster is a District of Columbia minimum wage law poster provided for businesses by the District of Columbia Office Of Human Rights. This notification is required for some employers, such as state government employers.

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D.C. 	Code §§ 2	-220.01	 – 2-220	.11	 	
Recipients of new contracts or government assistance shall pay affiliated employees and subcontractors who 	
perform services under the contracts no less than the current living wage.	  	
Effectiv	e January 1, 202	3 until June 30, 202	3, the living wage rate is $1	6.50 	per hour.	 	
Effective July 1, 202	3, the 	District	’s M	inimum 	W	age	 and Living Wage will increase to	 	
$17.00	. 	
The requirement to pay a living wage applies to:	 	
▪ 	All recipien	ts of co	ntracts in the	 amount of $100,000 or more, and	 all subcontractors 	that receive	 	
$15,000 or more from the funds received by the recipient fro	m the District of Columbia, and	 	
▪ 	All recipients of government assistance in	 the amount of $100,000 or more, an	d all su	bcontractors o	f 	
these recipients 	that 	receiv	e $50,000 or more 	from the	 government assistance	 received 	by the	 	
recipient 	from the District of Columbia.	 	
“Contract	” means a written agreement between a recipient and the District government.	 	
“Government 	assistan	ce	” means a gr	ant, loan	, or tax increment financing that result in a financial benefit 	
from an agency, commission, instrumentality, or other entity of the District government.	 	
“Affiliated employee	” means any individual employed by a recipient who r	eceived 	compensation d	irectly 	
from government assistance or a contract with the District of Columbia government, including 	employees of 	
the District of Columbia, 	any employee of a contractor or subcontractor of a recipient who performs 	
services pursuant to	 governm	ent assistance	 or contract. 	 The term “affiliated employee” does not include 	
those individuals who perform only intermittent or incidental services with respect to the contract or 
government assistance or who are otherwise employed by the contracto	r, recip	ient	, or subco	ntractor.	 	
Certain e	xemptions	 apply	: 1) 	Contracts or agreements 	subject to wage determinations required by federal law 	
which are higher tha	n the wage required by this Act;	 2) Existing and future collecting bargaining agreements, 	
provi	ded that	 the future ag	reement	 result	s in employees being paid no less than the current living wage; 3) 	
contracts 	for electricity, telephone, water , sewer 	performed	 by regulated utilit	ies	; 4) contracts for services needed 	
immediately to prevent or respond	 to a dis	ast	er or immin	ent threat declared by the Mayor; 	5) contracts awarded to 	
recipients that p	rovide trainees with 	services	, including but not limited to case management and job readiness	 	
services, 	provided the trainee does not replace employees; 	6) em	ployees u	nder 22 years 	of age employed during a 	
school vacation period, or enrolled as a full	-time student who works less than 25 hours per week; 	7) tenants or 	
retail establishments that occupy property constructed or improved by government assistance, pro	vided the	re is no 	
recei	pt of direct District government assistance; 	8) employees of nonprofit organizations that employ not more 	
than 50 individuals and qualify 	for	 501(c)(3) status; 	9) Medicaid provider agreements for direct care services to 	
Medicaid reci	pients	, provided, that 	the direct care service is not provided through a home care agency, a 	
community residence facility, or a group home for persons with intellectual disabilities as those terms are defined 
in section 2 of the Health	-Care and Community R	esidence 	Facility, Hosp	ice, and Home Care Licensure Act of 	
1983; D.C. Official Code § 44	-501	; and 	10	) contracts or agreements between managed care organizations and the 	
Health Care Safety Net Administration or the Medicaid Assistance Administration to prov	ide healt	h services.	  	
Home Care Final Rule:	 The Department of Labor extended	 overtime protections to home care workers and 	
workers who provide companionship services	.  Employers within this industry are now subject to recordkeeping 	
Each reci	pient and	 subcontractor	 of a recipient shall provide this notice to each affiliate	d employee covered by this notice, and 	
shall also post this notice in a conspicuous site in 	its place of business.	 All recipients and subcontractors shall retain payroll 	
reco	rds creat	ed and maintai	ned in the regular course of business under District of Columbia law for a period of at least 3 years.	 	
To file a claim	, visit: Department of Employment Services , Office of Wage	-Hour, 	400 Vir	ginia Ave	., SW	, 4th Flr, Washingto	n, 	
D.C. 2	00	24; call: (2	02) 671	-1880; or file your claim on	-line: does.dc.gov. Go to “File a Claim” tab.

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