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The Building Service Employees Minimum Work Week Act is a District of Columbia workers rights law poster provided for businesses by the District of Columbia Office Of Human Rights. This notification is required for some employers, such as employers in certain on-site occupations in the construction, drilling, logging and mining industries.

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405	8 Minnesota Avenue, NE • Suite 	3600 • Washington, D.C. 20019 • Office: 202	-671	-1880   • Fax: 202	-673	-6411	 	
Department of Employment Services	 	
D.C. Act 21	-485	 (Act)	, also known as the Building Service Employees Minimum Work Week Act of 	
Under this Act, covered employees	 shall be 	scheduled to work 	the minimum work week of 	at least 	30 hours.	 	
What is a Bu	ilding	 Service Employee	 	
 	A  covered  employee  who  performs 	janitorial  services,  building  maintenance  services,  or  other  services  in  or  around  a 	
covered location to maintain the repair, cleanliness, and overall quality of the 	covered location or place of business	. 	
Certain exceptions apply	 	
 	When  a  covered  employee 	is  taking  covered  leave,  the 	leave  shall  count  towards  the  30	-hour  minimum  work  week; 	
provided	 that at each covered location	, up to 20	% of the work hours 	that are available	 for covered employees engaged in 	
cleaning  service  may  be  preserved  for  part	-time  covered  employees  with  a  minimum  shift  of  4  hours  per  night  and  20 	
hours per week per covered employee for up to a total of 	10	 part	-time positions permitted per covered locat	ion. 	 	
Posting Requirements	 	
 	A  covered  employer  shall  post  and  maintain 	the  notice  in  a  conspicuous  place	,  which  shall  be  prescribed  by  the  Mayor 	
and  pro	vided  to  each  covered 	employer  that	 shall  include  excerpts  or  summaries  of  the  pertinent  provisions  of 	this 	Act 	
and information about filing of a complaint pursuant to the 	Act. 	 	
 	A  covered  employer  shall  post  every  notice  required  to  be  posted  by  this  act  in  English  and  all  languages  spoken  by 
covered  employees  with  limited  or  no	-English  proficiency,  as  defi	ned  in  section  2  of  the  Language  Access  Act  of  2004, 	
effective  June  19,  2004  (D.C.	 Law  15	-167;D.C.  Official  Code  g  2	-t931).  (b)  A  covered  employer  who  fails  to  comply  with 	
the posting requirements of this section shall be subject to the penalty set forth	. (See section 8 of the 	Act	 for penalties	)  	
 	A covered  employer  who  willfully  violates  the  posting  requirements  of  section  5  shall  be  assessed  a  civil  penalty  not  to 
exceed  $100  for  each  day  that  the  covered  employer  fails  to  post  the  notice;  prov	ided,  t	hat  the  total  penalty  shall  not 	
exceed $500. 	 	
 	A  covered  employer  who  fails  to  comply  with  any  of  the  requirements  of  this  act,  other  than  the  posting  requirements, 
shall  be  subject  to  a  fine  of  not  more  than  $5,000  for  each  violation  for  each  day  th	at  the  violation  continues.  For  the 	
first violation, a maximum fine of up to 	(A) 	$500	 will be imposed	; and 	(B) 	for	 any subsequent violation, a maximum fine 	
of up to $1,000.	   	
For  the  complete  text  of  the  Building  Service  Employees  Minimum  Work  Week  Act  of  2016,  go  to 	D.C. 	
Act 21	-485. 	 	
If you have any questions, please contact or visit: Department of Employment Services, Office of Wage	-	
Hour, 4058 Minnesota Avenue, SE, Suite 360	0, Washington, D.C. 20019, (202) 671	-1880.

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