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The Fair Education is a Pennsylvania equal opportunity law poster provided for businesses by the Pennsylvania Department Of Labor & Industry. This notification is required for some employers, such as schools.

This is a state labor poster enforced by the Pennsylvanian Human Relations Commission. It is a mandatory posting for kindergarten schools, primary and secondary schools as well as colleges and universities. The poster is a summary of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act (PHRACT), which prohibits discrimination against prospective and current students at all levels of the education system based on race, color, gender religion, national origin, disability or relationship. The poster should be displayed at a conspicuous place where everyone, all employees can access.

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The Pennsylvania Human Relations Act (PHRAct) prohibits discrimination against prospective and
current students of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, high schools, academies, colleges
and universities, extension courses and all educational institutions under the supervision of the
Commonwealth. The PHRAct prohibits discrimination because of an applicant’s or current student’s
race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, national origin, handicap or disab\
ility, record of a handicap
or disability, or relationship or association with an individual with a \
handicap or disability, use
of a guide or support animal, and/or handling or training of support or \
guide animals.
The PHRAct does not protect prospective and current students of  “distinctly private” educational
institutions such as parochial schools, nor does it protect prospective and current students from age
It is also unlawful to retaliate against any prospective or current student because he or she has filed
a complaint with the Commission or to aid or abet any unlawful discriminatory practice under the
PHRAct or the PFEOAct. The Pennsylvania Fair Educational Opportunities Act (PFEOAct) prohibits discrimination against
prospective and current students of any postsecondary institution and any secondary or post-
secondary secretarial, business, vocational or trade school subject to the visitation, examination or
inspection of and/or actual or potential licensure by the Department of Education because of a
prospective or current student’s  race, religion, color, ancestry, national origin, sex, handicap or
disability, and/or relationship or association with an individual with a\
 handicap or disability.
The PFEOAct permits religious or denominational institutions to use religion in their admissions,
enrollment and program decisions. Educational institutions which are neither state-owned, state-
related, nor state-aided may offer single-sex classes. The PFEOAct does not protect prospective or
current students from age discrimination.
This notice must be posted conspicuously in easily accessible and well-lighted places at the educa-
tional institution where it may be readily seen by those seeking, using or granting any of the educa-
tional institution’s accommodations, advantages, facilities or privileges. This notice should be exhibited
prominently wherever the educational institution exhibits informational notices,  e.g. Web sites, bulletin
boards, and student handbooks and publications.
WARNING: Removing, defacing, covering up or destroying this notice is a violation\
 of the
Pennsylvania Crimes Code and may subject you to fine or imprisonment.
For further information, write, phone or visit the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission: ([HFXWLYHOfficeV:  333 Market Street, 8th Floor  · Harrisburg, PA 17126
(717) 787-4410  · (717) 787-7279 (TTY) or visit us at
Complaints must be filed within 180 days of the alleged act of discrimin\
To file a complaint contact the Regional Office nearest you:
301  5th Ave.,  Suite 390
Piatt Place
Pittsburgh,  PA 15222
(412)  565-5395
(412)  565-5711 (T TY) Harrisburg3KLODGHOSKLD
333 Market Street, 8th Floor
Harrisburg,  PA 171 26-0333
(717)  787-9780
(717)  787-7279 (T TY)
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
Education Provisions
Pennsylvania Human Relations Act
Pennsylvania Fair Educational Opportunities Act

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