Pennsylvania Printable Free Unemployment Law Posters Pennsylvania Form No. UC-700 Unemployment Compensation Poster Mandatory

The Form No. UC-700 Unemployment Compensation is a Pennsylvania unemployment law poster provided for businesses by the Pennsylvania Department Of Labor & Industry. This is a required poster for all Pennsylvania employers, and any business that fails to post this notification may be subject to penalties or fines.

This is a state labor law enforced by the state, Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. It’s a mandatory posting affecting all workers and employers in Pennsylvania. The poster provides protection for workers who happen to lose their jobs or are unable to work full time yet qualify for benefits as provided for under the law. The labor law poster describes how to qualify for such unemployment benefits. It indicates where to file claim for the benefits. The poster must be correctly posted in a conspicuous place where everyone, all employees can access it. Failure to comply with the posting as stated under the law can and may attract fines and or sanctions.

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REMEMBER: Whenever you have questions or any problem regarding your UC claim, contact your UC Service 
Center. Do not take outside advice. Outside advice may be incorrect and could adversely affect your eligibility 
to receive UC benefits.	
UC-700 REV 09-17 Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals wi\
th disabilities.
Equal Opportunity Employer/Program
Under the provisions of the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation (UC) Law, I am registered with the 
Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry as:
The UC Law can provide you with an income during periods when you are either partially or totally unemployed 
through no fault of your own.
If you become UNEMPLOYED or your HOURS ARE REDUCED due to LACK OF WORK, the company, department, 
agency, commission, or bureau where you worked may provide you with a completed  Form UC-1609, How to 
Apply for Unemployment Compensation (UC) Benefits.	
Your  UC  application  will  be  dated  effective  the  week  in  which  you  actually  file  the  application  for  benefits.  You 
should file a new claim or reopen an existing claim during the first week in which you are unemployed or that your 
hours are reduced. You may risk losing some benefit eligibility if you file after the first week you are unemployed.
NOTE: To file an application for UC benefits, you will need to provide your:
  •  Social Security Number
  •  Alien registration number (if not a U.S. citizen)
  •  Complete mailing and home address
  •  Name, address, and account number of employer(s) from Form UC-1609
  •  Dates of employment and reasons for leaving
  •  Most recent pay stub (optional but helpful)
  •  Personal Identification Number (PIN) (if you have one from a prior claim)
You  may  file  your  new  application,  reopen  an  existing  claim  or  get  information  about  the  UC  Program  online  at, or by calling the UC Service Center at 888-313-7284. TTY: (Hearing Impaired) at 888-334-4046.
When  claiming  UC  benefits,  you  must  report  gross wages that you earned  during any week for which you are 
claiming UC benefits. Computer crossmatching is used to detect the illegal receipt of UC payments resulting from 
unreported work and earnings, as well as unreported pensions.
A person who knowingly makes a false statement or knowingly withholds information to obtain UC benefits commits 
a criminal offense under section 801 of the UC Law, 43 P.S. §871, and may be subject to a fine, imprisonment, 
restitution and loss of future benefits.	
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